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Balkan improvisation

Clarinets: Hélène Duret / Double bass: Chloé Lucas 
Percussions: Maxime Rouayroux / Accordion: Ambre Vuillermoz

A Greek dance of seduction performed in improvisation, Syrto draws its inspiration from traditional music and dances from the Balkans. This eclectic trio revisits this modal music with odd themes around improvisations, compositions and original arrangements. He travels to the heart of Europe in a deep sound universe, giving the public the opportunity to discover new sounds.  Ambre Vuillermoz on accordion, Chloé Lucas on double bass and Hélène Duret on clarinet and bass clarinet thus achieve the perfect harmony between popular festive tunes and the cozy and warm atmosphere of chamber music.  In their journey, they are sometimes joined by the percussion of Maxime Rouayroux, and we happily let ourselves be carried away by their intimate and poignant group sound.   

Syrto is a first meeting at the conservatories of Montpellier and Perpignan. It all begins with a common desire to develop improvisation and to bring together music specific to each of us.  Syrto is also the desire to enrich traditional themes from Eastern countries with the influence of jazz.   
In September 2010, Ambre, Hélène and Chloé met during a Balkan music course with the group Aksak.  They subsequently decided to set up a project that would shape their musical desires.  Their journey is then punctuated by meetings with jazz or world music musicians such as Serge Lazarevitch, Vincent Peirani, Jean Luc Lehr, Renaud Garcia Fons who enrich their experiences and their inspirations.  
The group took its first steps in the streets, bars and other small places. One thing led to another, and he was increasingly asked to play in the south of France and beyond: Festival Radio France,  Domaine d'Ô (34), Festival “Sirocco” Perpignan (66), Festival “ Perpignan on stage” (66), “Mardi Graves” Festival (34), “Thursdays of Perpignan” (66).  
The group recorded its first EP in September 2012 with Maxime Rouayroux on drums and percussion.  From there was born a collaboration which confirms this desire to develop improvised music and composition.   
Syrto is above all a beautiful human encounter which comes to fruition musically.

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